Movie bout the previous SINS show...


and the next one will even be bigger and better!
movie by Dirk Behlau

Ward's roadster


meanwhile looking completely different...
this was about a year ago, in Finsterwalde for the HotHeads East meeting.

You wouldn't tell....but our domain is still active...

at the moment, due to the new SINS show next year, we are building a complete new website...

for the moment we have put a few buttons to take you to our Myspace pages and this blog....

We expect the new site to be up and running by October...maybe little later well see.
Meanwhile, keep checking these pages to see what's up....

For now...
See y'all somewhere down the road...

Scrapers support....


Every now and then, we run into some guy wearing one of our supportshirts...and we just love it, but then all of a sudden they drop their pants...WTF???
got any pics of you wearing our support stuff, send them to us and we'll post them right here.

And if you gonna send sexually explicit'de better be a woman :-)

Scrapers car for sale....


And it's one of our nicest we must say.
We all hate to see this one go, but neither of us can take it at the moment so it's on the market.

Ford 1946 Docters Coupe Barrisstyle kustom 1948 Caddillac grill !948 Hubcaps Topchop , welded trunk Gold chassis New Flathead with Offenhauser heads Offenhauser manifold Hightorq startmotor Fenton headers New interior Airride suspension in the rear Louvered hood , nosed decked and shaved , killer kustom !!!!
for all info on this Jerry or Bow

Coming up next...Loud Mufflers Paris Show


Bottrop ...Good Times!


SINS 3 .....25/26 April 2009...Belgium


Well Folks, we're back...been awfully quite for the last one and a half year...
After the SINS show in April 2007, we had a lot to figure out, so it kinda kept us from posting on this page. also the website went offline and hasn't returned up till now.

But it's about time you hear from us again...because we are very pleased to announce that we are going to host another SINS show & party. 25-26 April 2009 at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze / Belgium.

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