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SINS....the latest news!!!



quick note here to get you upadated about the SINS show.
Yesterday we made the final selection for the car and bikeshow and hell this will be a great show...
the finest rides from all over Europe will be present to show you what it's all about.
We got cars and bikes from Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switserland, France, Holland, Belgium and the UK. All major carclubs will be presenting their best rides.

Those selected for the indoorshow, will get all necesary documents to fill out and send back in the next week. Please email these documents asap back to us or our associates to assure the booking and confirmation of the hotelrooms.

General Hotel info for visitors will be announced in the next week on this blog and on our Scrapers myspace and SINS myspace

The indoor part of the carshow is now complete, no need to send in more applications for this, you can however always park your pre 63 rod or custom or aircooled vw in the outdoor showparking...this will be located infront of the showhalls. Selection for this showparking will be made at the gate, no discussion possible, if you're not allwed in this area, that's the way it is folks.
all entries upon first come first served base.

located right next to the outdoor showparking, we also have plenty of parking spots for pre 70 american cars, aircooled VW and motorcycles. and on top off all that you can park your japanese or european car at about 50 meters from all this.

that's it for now...keep your eyes on our website, blog and space pages for more news in the next two weeks.

SINS countdown starts at December 31!!!

the flyer...and poster


take a look at it, print it and help us spreading the word even more.
email this to all you think might be interested...
This 3rd Edition is gonna be a blast folks

as you read in the previous post, the show halls are getting nicely filled up with some of the best cars and bikes from all over europe and the UK.

A great lineup of bands both on the party and on the carshow.

Artshow featuring some of the worlds best artists.

and a huge outdoor gathering of kool rides.
More news coming soon!

SINS 3 Update....


Hi all,

It's about that time... onlyl 2 more weeks to go to enter your Traditional Kustom, Hot Rod or Bike for the SINS3 INDOOR show for April 25-26 2009.
Sofar the huge halls are almost filled with the best rides europe has to offer with entries from Sweden to Spain... we only need a few more.

If you want to show your pride to the world, don't miss out!!
send your pics to

We still got room for a few stallholders. Contact today to reserve your spot

NOTE! no need to enter your ride for the OUTDOOR show, just make sure to be early on the showground for a good spot

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